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Fergal F Nally


A Bit About Me

 It begins, watch your back, enjoy the ride...

Fergal F. Nally is an outdoors lover often to be found out & about in amongst it all in the Scottish Highlands. His passions are hillwalking, music & reading great fantasy adventure novels. He lives in Edinburgh. Runestane is his first novel. Severance, Sanctuary, Revenant, Grace of the Light and Aes Sidhe are also available. The Survival Chronicles Series (Book 1 "Mercy Kill", Book 2 "Angel of Mercy", Book 3 "Mercy Fall", Book 4 "No Mercy", Book 5 "Fear Mercy", Book 6 "Dark Mercy", Book 7 "Hard Mercy", and Book 8 "Final Mercy") has also been released and is available on Amazon.


The Survival Chronicles Book 1 Mercy Kill

Dying is easy, staying alive is the problem in New York City. The phage virus went airborne two years ago, triggering the Fall. Now tropes own the night, freaks stalk the subways and the dead have returned. War has taken to the streets; kill or be killed. Mercy Dawes, survivor with a dark secret, faces down the City of Death. Will hope and love win out over despair and loss? It’s time to stay alive, time to choose sides. Where will your choice lead you Mercy Dawes? Will you live, will you survive?

Man at Desk

“There are but two powers in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword is always beaten by the spirit.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte



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